Charlotte Jarvis
In Posse

2021 Sheffield DocFest
Arts Programme / Site Gallery

In Posse is a new installation by artist Charlotte Jarvis that documents a quest she took to make semen from "female" cells. The work engages with semen as a revered magical substance, a totem of literal and symbolic potency, and aims to use art and science to disrupt the patriarchy.

Whilst developing this multifaceted work across multiple years, countries, collaborations, Jarvis has been pregnant, experienced labour and become a mother. This iteration of the work is Jarvis’ attempt to reconcile these experiences with the process of making the project. It is also a manifesto of sorts, and a review of where the project stands in multiple senses: creatively, scientifically, ethically and personally.

Commissioned by Sheffield DocFest in partnership with Site Gallery, this new multi-channel video installation of In Posse represents a new form for the work. In Posse will world premiere at Site Gallery, accompanied by a cinema presentation and a contemporary festival of Thesmophoria, a collaborative reimagining of the mysterious, ritualistic ancient Greek women-only event. In Posse was produced in collaboration with Dr. Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes (Leiden University Medical Center), Kapelica Gallery/Kersnikova Institute (Ljubljana), MU Hybrid Art House (Eindhoven) and NESTA.

Charlotte Jarvis, In Posse, 2021

Moving image/installation/mixed media (‘female’ semen, altar, laboratory equipment, feasting table with ritual objects, video, 46’)

World Premiere

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Installation commissioned by
Sheffield DocFest / Site Gallery

Scientific Collaborator
Prof. Susana M. Chuva de Sousa Lopes (LUMC)
Music: David Craigie

Film and Editing
Charlotte Jarvis, Silverfish Films

Additional Camera
Stephan Velema, James Read, Miha Godec, Hanneke Wetzer, Eleni Papazoglou, Charlotte Jarvis

Additional Footage
Tanja Küchle (Das Echo der Zukunft)

Support from
MU Hybrid Art House
Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova Institute

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