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2021 Sheffield DocFest
Arts Programme Commssion

Illustration by Aziza Ahmad, courtesy from AWU radio Illustration by Aziza Ahmad, courtesy from AWU radio

Right on Time Radio is a temporary web radio station, which will air daily on the Sheffield DocFest Online Exhibitions Platform during the festival days. Carried by the voices of sound artists, curators, researchers and radio & podcast collectives. This radio features new works commissioned by Sheffield DocFest, including sound performance, discussions, contemporary literature, reflections and sound experimentations.

Throughout the waves of this radio, the contributors have a carte blanche to share a glimpse of their practices, and some of the questions they raise in their work and research. Thus, not only inviting us to reflect further on some of the questions outlined in the Right on Time exhibition, but also offering the opportunity to shift from the visual dimensions of the exhibition into a space of collective listening. 

Right on Time Radio aims to initiate conversations, and to establish a platform of companionship which offers an alternative way of being and spending time ‘together’.





On Air from Saturday 5th  to Sat 12th
Starting time 13:00

Yasmina Reggad
Ritournelle, 2021

World Premiere


Ritournelle is a live performance specially adapted for Right on Time radio as a site-specific sound artwork for their airwaves of a documentary film festival. 

Ritournelle offers a parallel time frame that bridges Sheffield DocFest in 2021 to the Algerian Cinémathèque in 1965. One week of unique film programming in Algiers, Algeria overlaps and echoes the unfolding of the film festival in Sheffield, UK. A daily broadcast announces tomorrow’s film in Algiers from the week-long historical programme ‘Panorama of films about resistance’ that launched the opening of the Algerian Cinémathèque in January 1965.

Dedicated to past and present political and opinion prisoners in Algeria (and beyond), and in remembrance of the solidarity of Arab countries with the Palestinian people.

Creation, direction and radio adaptation: Yasmina Reggad * Performed by: Éric Cyuzuzo * Music composition: Joe Namy, remixing excerpts from Télé Ciné Club theme song and the soundtrack of Merzak Allouache’s 1976 film Omar Gatlato, composed by Ahmed Malek * Recording and montage: Jean-Baptiste Zella/ Studio ÀFond * Script based on: the radio script of a yet to be identified programme of the Radio-télévision algérienne - RTA broadcast on 23rd January 1965 and an official document of the Bureau Politique of the National Liberation Front dated in May 1965 * Translated by:  Yasmina Reggad and Kapwani Kiwanga * An homage to: Télé Ciné Club, the Algerian TV programme presented by Ahmed Bedjaoui between 1969 and 1989 * Commissioned by: Soukaina Aboulaoula for Right on Time radio and Sheffield Doc/Fest  * Supported by: Arts Council England * Co-produced by: Hiros * Special thanks to: Léa Morin for her help in the research * Dedicated to: past and present political and opinion prisoners in Algeria (and beyond), and in remembrance of the solidarity of Arab countries with the Palestinian people.

With Himali Singh Soin, Shveta Sarda, Ulrike Almut Sandig, Eglė Naujokaitytė

Himali Singh Soin
static range, 2021

World Premiere


Static Range is a multi-disciplinary and multi-limbed project using a real-life spy-story in the Indian Himalayas as a canvas for speculations and reflections about nuclear culture, porosity, leakages, toxicity and love, spiritual-scientific entanglements, environmental catastrophe and post-nation states. This series of transmissions that make up 'static range', include an animated stamp, letters, music, embroidery, healing, planting and a performance installation.

Nanda Devi, meaning the goddess of happiness, is the patron mountain of the Indian Himalayas. During the cold war in 1965, the CIA collaborated with the Indian Intelligence Bureau to site a nuclear-powered surveillance device on the mountain to intercept Chinese nuclear missile data. The mountain goddess, a temperamental revolutionary, whipped up an immense tempest, and the expedition had to turn back. The plutonium powered device was stashed on the mountain with the intention of recovering it the following season, however it has yet to be found, and “could still be ticking somewhere”.

In 1978, during the two years the sanctuary was reopened, my father, a mountaineer, went on an expedition to climb Dunagiri. From there, they took a photograph of Nanda Devi, which was made into a postage stamp by the Indian Telegraph services.

Using the conceit of the stamp, static range begins with a toxic love-letter from the spy device to the mountain. What did the spy device see?

Following the work’s underlying theme of transmission and interception, the letter was written in English and translated into Hindi, German, Hebrew and Arabic. It will continue to do so as it seeps through the world. These pieces, read for radio, and interspersed with Nagada drums inspired by the Uighur region that the device overlooked, are read by each of its translators, in an effort to air the codes and crossings of the nuclear and those human and non human voices that have been silenced because of it.

Music by: David Soin Tappeser
Translations of the original letter and recordings by:
Shveta Sarda - Hindi
Ulrike Almut Sandig - German
Eglė Naujokaitytė -  Lithuanian

With: Karim Kattan & Yasmine Benabdallah, Lina Soualem, Mounir Aicha Soussan, Rebecca Topakian

Airing LIVE
From Monday 7th to Sunday 13th 
15:30 — 16:00

Karim Kattan & Yasmine Benabdallah
Sundown Conversations, 2021

World Premiere


Sundown Conversations, hosted by Yasmine Benabdallah and Karim Kattan, is a daily half-hour radio show broadcasting live from June 7 to June 13, at 3:30pm BST.

With sunset right around the corner, the hosts will discuss how an awareness of time affects their practice, and invite other artists to share in the discussion. A moment of in-betweenness, shifting lights, and generative bewilderment, twilight is an ideal pause to take stock of our relationship to time, as humans and as artists.

Each session will explore one aspect of embodied time as practice, counter-tool, or strategy: from losing time and hearing time to healing time and reclaiming time.

Sundown Conversations is an invitation to enter a space of repose and reflection, in intimate and informal conversation

With Layal, Zineb, Mouna, Fati, Mehdi

On Air Friday 4th
Starting time 13:05

Les Bonnes Ondes 
Make Time, 2021
World Premiere 


By this time last year, the world was closing off. Morocco was one of the first countries to barricade its borders. We didn’t understand the extent of it and let’s be honest, we still don’t.
All over the world, levels of anxiety got higher and higher. But I like to believe that, in a way, this difficult moment allowed us all, some kind of growth.

Make Time is a podcast about how COVID-19 and lockdown changed my relationship to time, and how it changed my friends' perception of time. How it motivated some and paralyzed others. How it gave us all, some perspective.
My name is Layal and this is me, genuinely trying to explore this time frame and its impact, through walks in the city and conversations with people of Casablanca and people I miss.

On air Friday 4th to Sunday 13th

micro.nology, 2021

World Premiere


Are memories events of the past we’ve carried with us into the present? What if a memory were a unit used to measure time? Could a documentation of memory form a collective perception of time? 

In this experiment, we invite our community to share with us elements of the past that have made it into the present. Each guest will be provided with a prompt around a particular memory, such as an object that they have had for the longest time, or an old routine that has shaped who they are today. Through an open call, we invite artists, performers, musicians, researchers, curators and audiences to record their memory from our studio. 

These recordings resemble the format of a radio callers, celebrating the radio as a format that captures the human experience in its utmost raw and sincere qualities. By creating this channel, we’re extrapolating the radio as a form of participatory documentation that uniquely captures an emotional component to storytelling from decentralized perspectives.


With Sona Jobarteh, Fatou Kiné Diouf, Binta Diaw and Adama Diongue, Fatou Kiné Ndiaye, Binel Mboum, Imann Gaye, Black Yaye Fall, Aminata Fall, Mamy Victory, Yandé Codou Sène, Mareme Niang and the whales singing.Sonic assemblage by Jasmina Al-Qaisi  

AWU Radio 
Trans-Temporal Echoes, 2021

World Premiere 


Trans-temporal Echoes brings in resonance voices, sounds, and rhythms across time. Traversing stories of precolonial West Africa, contemporary urban life, and cross-culturally generated constellations of knowledges it calls into question hegemonic conceptions of linear time and the past. Turning toward embodied forms of knowing it amplifies moment of trans-generational transmission unsettling linear temporality and spatial separation.

Trans-temporal Echoes is an ensemble of voices, a distant dialogue amongst women and whales echoing each other telling a story of deep entanglements, deep time, residence time, a tale of water and fluid time.

Submersed in a fictional oceanscape populated by whales, vibrating with Sona Jobarteh, multi-instrumentalist and composer, descendant of one of the five principal kora-playing griot families of West Africa, listening to curator Fatou Kiné Diouf channelling Djibril Diop Mambéty, echoing artist Binta Diaw and her mother Adama Diongue chanting the mourning of Baay Demba Waar, healing with artist Fatou Kiné Ndiaye invoking her mother, resonating with griotte Binel Mboum singing Yéla [granted wishes], music of the Toucouleurs created in Fouta-Toro, wandering with artist Imann Gaye and Akinbode Akinbiyi’s words, naming genealogies with slammer Black Yaye Fall, following soul singer Aminata Fall laughing in Touki Bouki, intercepting rapper Mamy Victory riming of self-determination, tracing time with Chiara Figone calling upon Jacqui Alexander and Dionne Brand, choring with Yandé Codou Sène in a Serer ritual, breathing with Mareme Niang.


With: Jessica El Mal, Ebony Hoorn,  Alen Ksoll, Jamie Allan, Ko-Fan Lin, Sina Ribak, and Foresta Collective with Dr. Steve Portugal

Curated by Jamie Allan, and commissioned by Sheffield DocFest with support from Wellcome Trust, as part of DocFest Exchange: Beyond Our Own Eyes.

On air Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, and Friday 11th.

A series of audio pieces created collectively by artists and scientific researchers. The co-creation process is intended to make space for open dialogue between creatives and scientists, with the resulting audio pieces taking the form of interventions and invitations for listeners to relate differently to the world around them - these could be readings, guided audio walks, led meditations, attention-training exercises, deep listening exercises, or soundscapes. The aim is to focus our attention on the diversity of life around us, to heighten our sensitivity to the unseen or ignored, and to notice the ecosystems that we are entangled within.

Forbidden Fruits
By Jessica El Mal

United Kingdom, Spain

9 mins

Put a strawberry to your lips. Bite it. Hear the skin rip. Taste the sweetness on your tongue. But where has it come from?

This audio-essay by Jessica El Mal explores the ethics of strawberries, one of the staples of British summer time, and their cultivation in Huelva, southern Spain. Taking a sensory ethnographic approach, speaking with activists, engaging with found sound and linking with academic texts will open up questions of feminism, ecology and food rights.

With thanks to Jornales en Huelva en Lucha

Sound design Marlon Morris

Spanish translation by Hannah Maria Owen

This audio piece was commissioned by Sheffield DocFest with support from Wellcome Trust, as part of DocFest Exchange: Beyond Our Own Eyes.

The Fungal Dirt Web
By Ebony Hoorn

United Kingdom

12 mins

Hidden under our feet is an information highway made of fungi that allows plants to communicate and support each other. Ebony Hoorn has adapted the practice of Yoga Nidra to create a guided meditation that explores the perspective of the Mycelium Network and its fruiting body, the Mushroom. Aiming to increase the listener’s empathy with more-than-human worlds and recognise our interconnectedness with the rest of nature, we will explore the unseen through our consciousness. This practice draws our attention inwards, in effect using our senses as a microscope to visualise, listen and become one with the unseen world.

This audio piece was commissioned by Sheffield DocFest with support from Wellcome Trust, as part of DocFest Exchange: Beyond Our Own Eyes.

Breathing with Our Ancestors
By Alen Ksoll, Jamie Allan, Ko-Fan Lin, Sina Ribak

United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan

15 mins

An audio journey that takes listeners through the entanglements of interspecies relations that sustain life, guided by the invisible force of breath that connects us all. It is an invitation to turn towards other life forms, experiencing fungi, mosses and sponges mixed and stirred into our lives. Breathing and making kin with mosses, soil, fungi, trees and rocks, might allow us to imagine our local ecologies as a collective dwelling for everyone.

This audio walk will be preceded by an interactive workshop on Wed 9 Jun at 11am (UK time). To register for this free workshop please click here.

This audio piece was commissioned by Sheffield DocFest with support from Wellcome Trust, as part of DocFest Exchange: Beyond Our Own Eyes.

Sanctuary of the Sensuous
By Foresta Collective with Dr. Steve Portugal

United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Sweden

30 mins

How can we expand our perceptions and awareness beyond a reductionist view of ‘nature’? We invite you to join us in exploring your sensitivity and ways of listening, walking together the circles of ecological intimacy.

This audio walk will invite us into sensing in silence the worlds around and within, proposing to notice other beings inhabiting the landscapes we walk, multiple intelligences, and the plurality of organic forms of sensitivity. We will be paying special attention to birds and their perspectives, joined by comparative ecophysiologist Dr Steve Portugal, whose research explores sensory ecology and the behaviour of birds.

This audio walk will be preceded by an interactive workshop on Thu 10 Jun at 11am (UK time). To register for this free workshop please click here.

This audio piece was commissioned by Sheffield DocFest with support from Wellcome Trust, as part of DocFest Exchange: Beyond Our Own Eyes.

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